Pine sawyer beetles are large beetles from the genus Monochamus. Adult beetles are 18–25 mm long. The male is similar to the female but smaller (not including the antennae). However, Farther south it may take only one year. In Coleoptera, Hemiptera, and Homoptera, the dorsal, often triangular plate behind the pronotum and between the bases of the front wings. The last segment of each maxillary palp is pointed. Damage: This beetle damages urban trees when the adult beetles feed on bark on the underside of twigs, causing the tips to die and turn red. They can bite but according to the Royal Alberta Museum website they rarely do and they don’t secrete any poisons or weird digestive enzymes they just pinch. The exoskeletal plate covering the rearward (posterior) part of the middle segment of the thorax in some insects. It is characterized by having a horn on its head very similar to that of rhinos, which possibly makes it look like a very threatening beetle. Sawyer beetles The white-spotted sawyer beetle (Monochamus scutellatus) belongs to the subfamily Lamiinae and is known for its long antennae. Genus: Ergates 7. Otherwise, the beetle is usually considered a secondary pest, attacking the trunks of … The white-spotted pine sawyer beetle (Monochamus scutellatus), a longhorned beetle native to Wisconsin, is often mistaken for Asian longhorned beetle, but there are differences. This species is a type of Long-horned Beetle so extraordinarily long antennae … Your email address will not be published. The pine beetle is also known as the white-spotted sawyer beetle ( comments. Should I be concerned? Thanks, Sandy 5688 This is a long-horned wood-boring beetle (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in the genus Monochamus; likely M. scutellatus, known as the whitespotted sawyer, As a wood-borer, it […] 5688 Hi, this bit me! The whitespotted pine sawyer can be clearly identified by the white spot at the top center of its wing covers. The antennae are black, are longer than the body, and project from a notch in the eyes. Mating generally occurs in the afternoons of warm, sunny days, on or near the host. //
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