Comme le même GPU TU116, accompagné de 1408 cœurs CUDA. GamingScan is reader-supported. The 7 Best GTX 1660 Super Graphics Cards. With its dual-fan Icestorm 2.0 cooler, this GTX 1660 Super can hit higher clock speeds, all the while remaining quieter and maintaining lower temperatures. In 2020, the latest graphics cards come with two primary connectors: DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0b. Tout d’abord, la Nvidia GTX 1660 Super vous permet de jouer confortablement en HD avec des jeux récents. In this section, we’re going to go over compatibility concerns and information that applies to all 1660 Super cards, like basic performance expectations. The GTX 1660 Super has a launch price of just $230 USD with comparable performance to the $280 USD 1660 Ti. In some games, it remains ahead of the RX 580 while in few games it does stand a little behind it. Some graphics cards are longer, either because they have a larger cooler/heatsink or because they have a larger PCB. If you just want a GTX 1660 Super for cheap and don’t care about any extra frills or features, then the ASUS TUF Gaming OC GTX 1660 Super is an ideal pick for you. If you’re on a 1080p or 1440p 144 Hz monitor, pushing games like that to their maximum frame rates is. The Best GTX 1660 Super Graphics Cards (2021 Reviews). Those are by far your best choices in the budget category. It offers the best cooling and the best factory overclock. Best GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Cards for 1080p and 1440p Gaming. GPU Hierarchy 2020 – Graphics Card Tier List For Gaming, Best Settings For Valorant – Boost FPS, Increase Performance. Native 4K will. While you aren’t going to be able to push much overclocks on this one (especially since it’s restricted to PCI power), it’s a perfect fit for any low-profile HTPC or Mini ITX build. That said, this GTX 1660 Super Dual boasts a simple yet effective black shroud with minimal details, and it also comes with a backplate, which is a definite plus. It's the biggest hardware launch in an age! The best Gtx 1660 Super Settings of 2020 - Beginner's Guide. Only resort to DVI-D if your display doesn’t support the above two. The Best GTX 1660 SUPER Graphics Cards of 2020; According to Nvidia, the GTX 1650 Super is up to 2 times faster than the previous-generation GTX 1050, while the GTX 1660 Super is 1.5 times faster than the GTX 1060 6GB. Something that differs from model to model is the number of connectors that the card comes with, and we’ve touched upon this when going over some of the cards listed in the article. Truthfully, not very much. With all that said, there is not much to complain about with this graphics card, as it performs slightly better and looks better than the Dual variant, though aesthetics are always subjective. Cooling: Single-fan Despite what some OEMs might claim, tests have shown that having a metal backplate doesn’t help with heat dissipation at all, so cards with backplates won’t be hitting higher clock speeds or running any cooler than their backplate-less counterparts. At 1440p, the same frames can be achieved with Medium-to-High settings, and 1800p should be able to push 60+ FPS at medium-to-high settings as well. You may notice that Asus is still utilizing the same shroud design that they used as far back as 2016, so it looks kind of dated compared to many other graphics cards in 2020. It’s the longest 1660 Super by a considerable margin, coming in at a whopping 280 mm. But how much extra performance can you actually squeeze out of a GPU this way? The GTX 1660 Super has a launch price of just $230 USD with comparable performance to the $280 USD 1660 Ti. That said, the GTX 1660 Super is a great value GPU, but there are quite a few versions of it floating around, so which should you pick? However, this is understandable, considering that it offers outstanding performance in such a compact frame. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up Best NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super? So, why paint a card’s shroud or backplate a specific color when you could just throw in customizable lighting instead? On the performance front, there is virtually nothing to complain about, as the card is fast, quiet, and runs relatively cool, with some extra overclocking headroom. Length is measured in millimeters (mm), and refers to the longest side of the graphics card. Nvidia’s latest budget GPU release acts as rather potent combination against both AMD cards in the same price range and its own 1660 Ti and non-Super 1660 cards. While this makes the card appealing for those who still prefer using DVI, it makes multi-monitor setups a bit troublesome. The GTX 1660 Super competes with the RX 5500 XT and RX 5600 XT, and falls between the two in pricing. So, which of the graphics cards that we’ve listed here is the best? Still, it obviously cannot compete with larger models that utilize multiple fans and heftier heatsinks. First and foremost, there’s color. We researched and found the easiest for beginners. Et si vous êtes prêt à faire des compromis sur la qualité graphique, alors le WQHD est aussi dans la cible. What difference does clock speed make between models? When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. So, how do these two compare? Aside from heavier modern games, lightweight eSports titles (like CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, etc) should be much easier to push into sky-high FPS ranges. I am wrapping up my PC build, and chose the 1660 Super as my GPU. A higher factory OC reduces the need for you to worry about pushing it yourself, though, and tends to indicate a superior cooling system in play. The card might be too close to the bottom of the case – or the PSU, if it’s a bottom-mounted PSU – which would limit the airflow and thus inhibit cooling efficiency, leading to higher temperatures and more noise, as the fans would have to spin faster to keep the card at acceptable temperatures.
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