I like 10 hours a day opposite to the main display light cycle. Chaeto algae (Chaetomorpha linum) is a hardy green algae commonly used in saltwater refugia & algae scrubbers. Providing too much light or using bright, direct light … The light requirements vary based on the unique preferences of algae. Biocube, Apr 3, 2012. This new bulb costs $10, and also uses 19w. Chaeto is very easy to grow and harvest, creating mats and balls that can be replaced as needed. If you don’t have any excess nutrients your Cheato will not grow. The main goal of growing Chaeto is to reduce nutrients. Biocube Giant Squid. I currently only have about a gallon bag full right now. Chaeto requirements. Throughout this process, play close attention to the PO4 levels. The one thing the package didn't mention You need a PAR meter capable of measuring individual spectrum. 7 comments. I had to slow my flow through the fuge for it to grow though. basile New Member. The NANO-GLO LED Refugium Light boasts four high-intensity LEDs that evenly distribute light for macro algae and aid in the removal of unwanted phosphates and nitrates. Does natural sunlight directly shine on tank and for how long? Agardhiella. Do you have the K rating of your light? Now my water is crystal clear and whats left of the algae in the DT is enough to keep my CUC occupied and alive. I decided to go all out on a Kessil h380 and give it a shot. I was wondering if there was any Chaeto like substitute for freshwater aquariums? The new Algae Light Reactor from ITC takes an old idea and brings it right up to date. share. Like any other plant, macroalgae needs a rest period for respiration. For over a year, I'd been using a small spiral compact fluorescent bulb that only cost $7, with an output that was 75w of 6500K lighting. In one week it quadrupled in size and my nitrates went down from 8 to 4. The cheat on the other hand started to grow like crazy. Under this 'daylight' color, my macro algae grew steadily. I wanted to set up a chaeto type algae reactor on my freshwater tank to help maintain low nitrates but was wondering what the best way to fill it would be? Chaetomorpha, also called chaeto or spaghetti algae, is a macroalgae that is a popular choice not only for aquariums, but also for refugiums. The light i was using kept everything alive and grew at a slow rate. By MedcinMn, February 9, 2008 in General Discussion. Chaeto Algae. Notify Me When In-Stock . Lighting can have an powerful effect not only on the survivability of the algae, but also on its appearance. My fuge is about 10G, so it's pretty close to your fuge size. Removes both phosphate and nitrate from the water. Link to post. It comes with 4 different light spectrums - Blue, Grow, Bloom and Red - to fit the different light requirements of various macro algae species in the refugium tank. If you don’t have excess nutrients (high phosphate and nitrates) then you don’t need to grow Chaeto. If ir were me and I wanted to grow Chaetomorpha I would get a 150 watt halogen that puts out heat + light to get the Chaeto growing fast. Thus, it has been recommended that those using reactor-style algae scrubbers (where chaeto is especially popular) plumb the unit right after calcium reactors as to capture and take up any excess carbon dioxide that they release. It sounds as the chaeto is doing a good job. 4.6 out of 5 stars 3. Grow macro algae in your saltwater aquarium tank to reduce the accumulation of phosphates, nitrites, nitrates which are toxic to the corals, fish and invertebrates. 6. Great for introducing into marine aquariums. It also balances pH by taking up excess CO2 and increases dissolved oxygen. As Chlorophyll absorbs red light, and Carotenoids absorb blue light, these bulbs have LEDs in the right wavelength and proportions to grow green plants very quickly, in theory. My light is a 100watt equal CFL spiral 6500k bulb that is in one of those metal reflectors. This system helps to stable the pH levels and make sure the safety life of overall tank inhabitants’ otherwise marine plants absorb O2 at night that effects on the pH.To know the pH level in your tank you should use best pH meter. Limu Manauea (Gracilaria coronopifolia) Endemic to Hawaii. Chaetomorpha thrives in low light. This algae thrives on fish waste, nitrates, & phosphates. My first try at my fuge resulted in no growth and fast die off. For many years Reef Keepers have used Cheato Algae as a method of exporting Phosphate, Nitrates and organic wastes. Simply put it anywhere in your system, give it light strong enough to grow nuisance algae and it should be easy to keep. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. Only 8 left in stock (more on the way). Use moderate to high lighting and keep it in an area of high water flow. Add to Wishlist. Light. The spectrum of this light is ideal for growing chaeto, just like the H380 but don’t expect it to be able to keep up with the H380. Agardhiella is another good choice for a reef tank. If the algae grow too much for your liking and start taking up too much space, you can simply trim them and feed them to herbivores in your tank. The Kessil® H80 Tuna Flora refugium lights are a great quality choice when it comes to growing macroalgae in the marine aquarium, especially Chaetomorpha (Chaeto). Red Bamboo Marine Macro Algae (Roughly 8cm, but can vary) Care level: Beginner / Experienced Lighting Requirements: Low to high Growth: Slow Nutrient uptake: Low Attachment: Slow, use adhesive (Cyanoacrylate) Red Bamboo algae, Solieria sp. Chaeto acro algae grows by absorbing and processing these nutrients. lucare LED Refugium Light Chaeto for Saltwater Marine Aquarium Tank 18W, Coral Reef Plant Grow Light for Macroalgae 3.9 out of 5 stars 40. COB LED Grow Light 150w Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Kolem Full Spectrum Plant Lights, Waterproof Grow Panel Light, Veg, Seedling for Plants Tent, Greenhouse, Garden, Hydroponic 4.4 out of 5 stars 78. It is more ideal for owners of smaller saltwater aquariums. This is a much less powerful lighting solution. Aside from light, what does chaeto need to survive and grow? reefone reefone Nano Reefer; 4,715 posts; michigan; August 19, … $38.02. All that you need to get a nice stand of Chaeto growing in your aquarium, sump, or refugium is a moderate amount of flow, decent lighting, and a handful of Chaeto from your local fish store. The Kessil® H380 refugium grow light is the premium choice when it comes to grow very fast macroalgae in the marine aquarium, especially Chaetomorpha (Chaeto), as it produces a high-intensity fulls-pectrum light. Chaetomorpha Algae (commonly referred to as Chaeto) is a plant and plants need food. To take advantage of these benefits it is very important to keep Chaeto alive and well. Out of Stock. $71.16 $ 71. While shopping at Home Depot, I came across a new sealed-floodlight bulb that caught my interest. As it photosynthesizes, the algae will consume carbon dioxide. Paul Boutin, Apr 3, 2012. The light is the biggest change. This macro algae is one of the hardiest beginner algaes. I have it about 2 ft from the water surface since i have mangroves in it as well. Most hair algae thrive at lower kelvin lighting, which would include 5K spectrum. Chaeto grows very quickly under the right conditions once established in the tank for some time. Increase your chaetomorpha growth with Brightwell ChaetoGro Balanced and complete nutritional additive for saltwater refugiums, ChaetoGro contains iron, cobalt, molybdenum, and many other elements that algae require for vitality. Quantify direct sunlight and indirect sunlight PAR intensity, observe duration at that intensity. I want to know how to make chaeto algae grow like wildfire and filter the water of nitrates/phosphates in a super fast speed. Of course, you will get all the other benefits that algae provide. Main tank or refugium. Does best in moderate to strong lighting. MedcinMn MedcinMn Community Member; 183 posts; March 20, 2006; Posted February 9, 2008. Joined: Feb 17, 2011 Messages: 3,499 Location: Northern, IL. Other options New from $70.99. It is in that period that it grows. Reply to this topic; Start new topic ; Recommended Posts. It is specially suited to algae reactors, where large masses can be kept with minimal packing due to its rigid structure. Chaeto does not have roots. save hide report. 16. The 2 different light spectrums - Grow & Bloom - fit the different light requirements of various macroalgae species in the refugium tank. Thanks! Quote; Share this post. This results in increased pH values, which contributes to stony coral growth. I can't get it to grow. If you grow marine algae in a refugium, it needs reverse cycles of light so that light of the main tank turn off and the refugium light turns on during the night. Lettuce Algae (Ulva fasciata, U. expansa) Readily accepted by herbivorous fish. Lighting. The very first day, the caulerpa started to turn white, possibly going asexual, so i freaked out and tossed it in the trash. But, as a general rule, red algae require a slightly lower light intensity than the greens; as you might have guessed, this means that they also tend to grow more slowly, and so remove nutrients at a slower pace. 4.8 out of 5 stars 8. $34.99. The reason is simple – chaeto is excellent for absorbing toxic nutrients from your tank, such as nitrates and phosphates. Chaeto is a slow growing species of algae because of it’s thick cellular structure, and if conditions favor faster growing algae you will get green hair algae which attaches on top of the chaeto, causing the chaeto to be blocked from light and flow, and eventually causing the chaeto to die and rot. The excess nutrients in your water feeds the Chaeto. I'm currently using a 7W warm white LED light over my tumbling ball of Chaeto in my sump, but I want to see if I can get it growing any faster. Red algae usually will grow under lighting that is roughly equivalent to what you’d use to grow, say, green star polys. Paul Boutin, Apr 3, 2012 #3. FREE Shipping by Amazon. If it is not possible to have a moderate water flow, you can simple shake or rinse off the Chaeto in saltwater from time to time to removes all the detritus. AquaIllumination AI Prime 16HD Fuge LED Light - Black. Like all plants, chaetomorpha algae photosynthesize, and light is a source of energy for the process. One 25-watt bulb is an ideal light source for the plant to survive. It is extremely hardy, and can be kept by the novice aquarist. Keeping Chaeto in an algae reactor such as a Pax Bellum ARID is a great way to control nutrients and increase water clarity in a reef tank. Ideal is 5500K-6500K. Agardhiella . As a nutrient exporter, it absorbs, or feeds on dissolved organic waste. Finnex Refugium Plus Saltwater Aquarium Sump LED Light, 660nm Red 460 Blue Grow Chaeto Light, 12-16 Inches. Would I be better off filling it with a freshwater moss or de-nitratifying media? is a popular but hard to find red macro algae. Innovative design utilizes a suction cup to attach to the rear wall of the aquarium… $50.99 Regular Price: $59.99. Increase dosage thereafter depending upon perceived nutrient needs of chaeto algae When used in this fashion, 500 ml treats up to 2,000 US-gallons (7,600 L) Advanced: Daily dosing is recommended, as it maintains a more stable and natural environment than dosing weekly, in which nutrient concentrations spike just after dosing and then gradually decrease throughout the course of the week Best when grown in a refugium, rather than the main tank. When I slowed the rate down, the chaeto has grown quite nicely. It is safe for use in any marine aquarium where chaetomorpha is a part of the nutrient reduction system. In general, start with a daily light exposure of 4 hours, and increase this by 1 to 2 hours each week until the desired 16 hours of continuous light is achieved. Give your Chaeto some light. Save more with Subscribe & Save. 67% Upvoted. I use the 6500K light as well, it's a 16W bulb equivalent of 65W. Chaeto Algae Light Reactors – NEW IN. You can place Chaeto just about anywhere. 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