... and it's still uncertain if that's just another name for Rockseer elves or not. Ecology []. Greyhawk elves are divided into several distinct subraces with different racial traits and attribute modifiers. The Seldarine (Tel'Seldarine in the Elvish language) is the pantheon of the elves, based primarily in the plane of Arborea, which they call Arvandor or Arvanaith. Valley elves … The World of Greyhawk includes the Free City of Greyhawk, from which the setting's name was taken. (How creative are these names.) I don't really know exactly how to describe it, other than saying that FR elves have more Tolkien-esque names. Rules. The Seldarine (Tel'Seldarine in the elvish language) is the name of the pantheon of the good and neutral elven gods in many campaign settings for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.The name roughly translates as "the fellowship of brothers and sisters of the wood." By that I mean typically sounding more "airy" with more L's and I's for example. Elves are one with nature, and will do anything they can to protect it. This name generator will give you 10 names that will generally fit the elves in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. In Greyhawk, you also have valley elves. Their complexion is typically fair, with hair and eye varying by kind, and wood elves being ruddier skinned. Their current leader is a drow. Elf name generator - Dungeons & Dragons . The name of valley elves is derived from the Valley of the Mage, where the sub-race is headquartered in the WORLD OF GREYHAWK™ Fantasy Game Setting. Wood Elves: Wood elves are a reclusive subrace. If you look at Greyhawk vs Forgotten Realms, the typical Elven names are slightly differently styled. Becoming physically mature by the age of 25 and emotionally mature at around 125 (Races of the Wild, 2005), they are also famously long-lived, capable of living more than half a millennium and remaining physically youthful.They rarely die due to the wear of age. Other elves despise Valley elves, believing they've sold out their dignity and independence for the fleeting protection of a human wizard - even worse that his lieutenant is a drow. High Elves and Valley Elves Elven rulers know their people's passionate nature and try to keep them out of conflict, as elves who do engage in the events of the world often live out their lives in a bright but brief burst. In ancient days, elven princes held sway from the Velverdyva to the Wild Coast; by the time of the Migrations, their rule had diminished to isolated pockets such as Celene. Greyhawk, also known as the World of Greyhawk, is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game (D&D). They live in the Valley of the Mage, and serve the Mage. They call the Valley elves by a disparaging name in their own language that connotates to "automaton" or "slave." Elves are renowned for their grace and mastery of magic and weapons such as the sword and the bow. Their ears are pointed, and slightly longer than those of humans, and their eyes are large and almond-shaped. elves of the Flanaess. In the core Greyhawk setting of the Dungeons & Dragons game, Ye'Cind is the elven deity of musical magick and music in general. The Seldarine are led by the greater deity Corellon Larethian. The name roughly translates as "the fellowship of brothers and sisters of the wood." In those dark days, groups of fleeing Suloise pushed through the Lortmils and entered the elven country, but their sojourn was brief. The Seldarine are led by the greater deity Corellon Larethian.Their home plane is Arvandor (part of Arborea/Mount Olympus). Star Elves are Torilian elves. They are played as high elves, except that their extra language must be Gnomish. This is the era of the Suel Empire, Vecna's Spidered Throne, plus many other Flannae and Olven realms. (in flan: Olve) Elves are nearly universally thin and slight, 5' tall on average, with Valley elves being slightly taller and wild elves smaller. What you are seeing is parts of an elvish map I once made long ago for a time travel adventure I was setting in ancient pre-cataclysm times.
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