Tree Terms. Pine is a coniferous tree in the genus Pinus, in the family Pinaceae. Begin identifying your tree by choosing the appropriate region below. 228 Wider near … Alternate Leaves. … TREE IDENTIFICATION GUIDE It’s easy to go through life with what our third-grade teacher taught us about trees., Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Forest Insect & Disease Conditions Reports, Poplars, Aspens, and Willows (PDF | 457 KB), Birches, Hophornbean, Hornbeam, Alder, and Beech (PDF | 696 KB), Miscellaneous Broadleaves (PDF | 1.04 MB), Complete Forest Trees of Maine publication (PDF | 90.2 MB), Order a copy of Forest Trees of Maine Centennial Edition - 1908 to 2008. Quince, an uncommon type of fruit, is prized by some for its attractive flowers and unique … The strength of that mission is exemplified by a Labor Day firewood exchange that seeks to prevent dangero… This composition looks different depending on whether the number or volumes of trees are examined. Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry 22 State House Station 18 Elkins Lane Augusta, ME 04333 More Locations. Maine Tree Identification and Climate Change May 22, 2020 Brett Huggett, Professor of Biology at Bates College, gave us a crash course in Maine tree identification and also talked about the ability of native New England tree species to respond to stressors related to climate change. Phone: (207) 287-3200 Fax: (207) 287-2400 Bureaus & Programs → Maine Forest Service → Publications → Handbooks & Guides → Forest Trees of Maine → Index of Species, Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry The gray treefrog, sometimes called the Northern gray treefrog, is closely related to the Cope’s gray treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis), with overlapping range and identical physical appearance.These two species are distinguishable based on variation in their calls. Can you identify Maine's most common foliage species? Fir Tree Identification (With Pictures) The bark on fir trees is generally smooth and gray when the tree is young. Leaf shape [Explain] 77 Heart-shaped. Eastern White Pine is the state tree of several states. As the tree matures, the bark becomes thick and scaly with furrows or ridges running vertically. Photo source:, available as public domain. There are about 111 species of pines worldwide, although different authorities accept between 105 and 125 species. Of all the native conifers calling eastern North America home, this tree is the tallest. General Tree & Forest Facts. True cedars have clusters of 15 or more needles and, although some species have been naturalized in North America, they … Maine's Big Tree Register. Flowering trees can turn your garden into a sea of color when they blossom. Read about all that trees do for us! Just like a pine tree is unique in that its needles grow in clusters from a single origin point, a fir tree is unique in that its cones grow upward like candle flames. Pine tree identification. Among them: aspen, birch, red and sugar maples, several types of oaks, white and red pines, spruces, balsam fir and others. Log in, Trees can be sorted into two groups, the conifer and deciduous leafed trees, Trees are identified by how the leaves are shaped and flower buds are formed on the tree, Maine State Parks, Conservation & Forestry, Critical Habitat Needs for Threatened Species, Maine Forest Service online publication of Trees found in Maine, Most everyone can identify a maple leaf, oak leaf, white birch bark, and a pine needle, but understanding conifer, deciduous, broadleaf, hardwood, softwood and evergreen gets a bit trickier. Oak, 4. Pine Tree. It grows as a small bushy tree,sel- dom over 30 feet in height. Maine’s forests contain a wide variety of tree species with 56 species sampled in 2016. Pine is one of the most sought-after ornamental trees. seriously, though. 133 Lobed. Contact. In coniferous forests, most species are between 50 and 100 ft. (15 – 30 m) tall. Coniferous trees can produce two types of leaves with a variety of slight alterations that further define the tree type. 18 Elkins Lane Eastern red cedar (which isn't really cedar) is among the most common trees east of the Mississippi River. Can you identify Maine's most common trees? Maine pine trees are gorgeous and … Maine made it theirs in 1945. Tree Identification Field Guide. The needles of pine trees grow in bundles of 2, 3, or 5. 8None or only spines. Collectively, the 10 most voluminous tree Alert: Stay up to date on Maine's COVID-19 Response, DACF Home → Quaking Aspen, 5. More Locations, Phone: (207) 287-3200 While some species are known for outstanding autumn foliage, leaf color often varies from year to year. Instead, look at reliable indicators for accurate maple tree identification … Belonging to coniferous varieties, … i have already used this to identify so many trees. A to Z list, by scientific name, of tree species native to Maine. ountain maple occurs through- out Maine and is especially common in the northern part of the state. What we ‘half remember’ is enough for us to happily relegate trees to the background of everywhere we go and everything we do. Similarly, external factors such as soil quality and sun exposure can influence the growth habits of your maple. Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry 22 State House Station 18 Elkins Lane Augusta, ME 04333 More Locations. As a general identification rule, the bark on fir trees is generally more deeply furrowed than other types of conifers. Find the meanings for key tree words! Birch, 3. While all trees that bear cones are coniferous, and many of these cones are remarkably different from other species' cones, often times the best way to identify the specific genus of a tree is by observing its leaves. who knew there were so many different birches? Quince. How to Identify Pine Trees. Our illustrated, step-by-step process makes it easy to identify a tree simply by the kinds of leaves it produces. is the genus of trees or shrubs commonly known as the maples. Gray Treefrog Fact Sheet Two gray treefrogs. Form is symmetrical and conical, with a long lower portion of trunk free of branches, and branches in regular horizontal whorls, usually 5 branches per whorl. Show Answers + Answers: 1. 22 State House Station Although the branches of these three conifer trees do not possess instantly identifiable characteristics, their cones can aid more definitively in identification. Maine Tree Guide Identify Maine's Common Foliage Trees.   Pines are native to most of the Northern Hemisphere. Knowing the difference between a "broadleaved" bladed leaf of a hardwood and a "needle-like" leaf of a conifer is important and is fundamental in the process of tree identification. At times, the tree forms fairly dense thickets,due to its habit of growing in clumps. However, they can be difficult to identify from trees that look similar, such as firs or spruces. Grows rapidly to 70-100 feet, 1-3 ft. diameter, in most soil types, but grows best in fertile, well-drained soil. Alternate leaves on stems grow in a staggered pattern and they look like each leaf … So knowing that you have a needled tree and that they can grow singly or in bundles, clusters or sheaths of needles will be a big help in tree species identification. While we talk of the Maine forest, it would be more correct to talk of Maine forests. Phone: (207) 287-3200 Fax: (207) 287-2400 All over our big wooded state are Christmas tree farms and wild fields full of beautiful White or Blue Spruce, Balsam, Fraser or Douglas fir, Norfolk Pine, and many more species of evergreen trees. Beech, 2. Answers are located at the bottom of this page. (Print this page and color the leaves.) Information includes rare or endangered tree species, native tree family and genera, invasive/noxious weeds and pests, and links to individual tree species. The Maine State Department of Conservation's Forest Service notes that 90 percent of Maine is once again covered in forest--after years of settlement, logging and regrowth. Common juniper is a low shrub that generally grows no more than 3 to 4 feet high but can grow into a 30-foot "tree." It isn’t until one dies on your property and you need a tree … Maples are classified in a family of their own, the Aceraceae, and there are approximately 125 species worldwide.The word Acer is derived from a Latin word meaning "sharp," and the name refers to the characteristic points on the leaf lobes. The two main types are Eastern red cedar and common juniper. List of pine trees native to Maine. In optimum conditions, Monterey pines can grow to 200 ft. (60 m). There are many qualities that make pine trees well-known, such as their fresh smell and useful wood. After all, Maine is the Pine Tree State. Also has images of the trees for identification and links for further tree species education. Maine Tree Guide. Complicate that with shrubs and vines and identification becomes even more difficult. Maine has 39 commercial tree species. Includes botanical aspects, county distribution maps, habitat, pestsand disease information, as well as commercial, native american and modern uses. Maine Forest Facts. The pictures and botanical names of these blossoming trees will help you identify the perfect tree to compliment your landscaping needs. Fax: (207) 287-2400 The pine is identified by needles that are 3” to 6” (8 – 15 cm) long and brown ovoid cones measuring 3” to 6” (8 – 15 cm). TTY Users Call Maine Relay 711 Acer sp. The department also notes that fully a third of Maine's forests are on private land. On sandy soils, it can establish pure stands. Evergreen native Maine tree. 344 Linear. Types of Flowering Trees with Name and Picture. It grows best in a wet habitat or o n damp, northern slopes. Augusta, ME 04333 Red spruce is the most voluminous tree in Maine followed closely by red maple and eastern white pine (Table 2). Contact. What Tree Is That? Encouraging and enforcing state policies that protect forest land involves an active dialogue among lumber companies, developers and individuals. Trees vary depending on soils,location and climate. How do trees vary thoughout the state? Learn why Maine is the Pine Tree state.
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