Sign up to our newsletter for fresh developments from the world of training data. Cambridge-driving Labeled Video Database (CamVid): Dataset for semantic road … This dataset can be used for two tasks. 4. Autonomous driving is poised to change the life in every community. © 2020 Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. Multivariate, Text, Domain-Theory . 9. The focus of this dataset is traffic lights. Published on Dec 2, 2016 BrnoCompSpeed is dataset for speed measurement of cars on highways. The dataset is designed for … Multi-Lane-Detection-Dataset: Dataset for multiple lane detection. One area for innovation is the application of computer vision and deep learning to extract information from satellite imagery at scale. Lionbridge AI is a global provider of custom AI training data for some of the world’s largest tech companies. Given that and the fact that climatic conditions are not always favorable, the task of maintaining the good condition of the entire road network in Russia is a non-trivial. More than 55 hours of videos were collected and 133,235 frames were extracted. MIT Street Scenes: Dataset for semantic road scene understanding. Road Scene Layout from a Single Image: Dataset for road area estimation. Each individual image file has the original still frame on the left and the same frame semantically segmented on the right. Time-lapse cars moving in traffic at night, Hong Kong,China. We at Lionbridge have compiled a list of high-quality Portuguese datasets that covers a wide spectrum of AI use cases, from speech recognition to machine translation. Reuter_50_50. CULane is a large scale challenging dataset for academic research on traffic lane detection. However, almost all the frames have both traffic lights and vehicles within them. Defocused Traffic at Night with Bokeh Lights, Night City Traffic on Main Road in Bangkok, Cars driving by water fountain 4K stock video, Traffic Lights At Night On The Bridge In Bangkok, Thailand, Aerial view time-lapse of road intersection during the day, Defocused Bokeh Lights from Vehicles at The Kadikoy. 1,263 Best Traffic Free Video Clip Downloads from the Videezy community. 2500 . As with most computer vision algorithms, autonomous vehicles require a cornucopia of image data to train. Furthermore, the videos were recorded in diverse weather conditions at dif-ferent times of the day. 6. Lionbridge provides professional image and video annotation services for a variety of use cases. Our video sequences also include GPS locations, IMU data, and timestamps. The LISA Traffic Light Dataset includes both nighttime and daytime videos totaling 43,0007 frames which include 113,888 annotated traffic lights. Cityscapes Image Pairs – Using traffic videos shot from vehicles driven in Germany, this dataset includes 2,975 image pairs. Image sizes vary from 640x480 to 1024x522 pixels. It is often difficult to gain access to high-quality cars datasets or find a reputable image annotation service. Get in touch and utilize our large crowd of multilingual expert annotators to provide you with high-quality image and video data for your project. Y is the identifier of the view. So, the team created about 10,000 pixel-level annotated images and 50,000 object level annotated images, twice the size of Germany’s Cityscape, which contained 5,000 frames. Description We provide a dataset of dense and heterogeneous traffic videos. LISA Traffic Light Dataset – While this dataset does not focus on vehicles, it is still a very useful image dataset for training autonomous vehicle algorithms. With the rise of Tesla’s self-driving cars and projects like Google’s Waymo, the autonomous vehicle industry seems to only be growing year after year. The dataset is 20 times larger than the existing largest dataset for text in videos. Lionbridge brings you interviews with industry experts, dataset collections and more. As they say, there are two major problems in Russia, and one of them are bad roads. : The dataset is used for authorship identification in online Writeprint which is a new … It consists of 1900 long and untrimmed real-world surveillance videos, with 13 realistic anomalies such as fighting, road accident, burglary, robbery, etc. 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the side views and 5 is the upward view. YouTube-8M is a large-scale labeled video dataset that consists of millions of YouTube video IDs, with high-quality machine-generated annotations from a diverse vocabulary of 3,800+ visual entities. Russia is ranked fifth in the world by length of the road network. The videos are split into training (70K), validation (10K) and testing (20K) sets. This is relevant, considering that vehicles with ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) are commercialized in emerging countries, such as Brazil. The datasets below consist of over 250,000 images and still video frames, some of which are already annotated. The images are divided into the following six categories by vehicle type: bus, microbus, minivan, sedan, SUV, and truck. 10. We at Lionbridge have put together a list of the best publicly available speech recognition datasets. Autonomous vehicles are a high-interest area of computer vision with numerous applications and a large potential for profit. It comes with precomputed audio-visual features from billions of … According to Wikipedia, the total length of Russia's road network is 1,396,000 km. Application form for access keys Caltech Has Two Car Datasets and One Motorcycles Dataset Overall, the dataset contains approximately 13 motorized vehicles, 5 pedestrians and 2 bicycles per frame, respectively. Therefore, the data includes over 130,000 RGB-thermal image pairs. The objective was to ensure road safety by creating a dataset which suits our Indian needs. One of the most important components of any Deep Learning project is an understanding of the dataset being used. The dataset represents navigable roads, including public and private access roads and tracks. as well as normal activities. The dataset contains diverse scene types such as city streets, residential areas, and highways. A limited number of associated features are stored separately as point features. Special interest on intersection surveillance. Still can’t find cars datasets or vehicle datasets you need to train your model? Stanford Cars Dataset – From the Stanford AI Laboratory, this dataset includes 16,185 images with 196 different classes of cars. Below is a list of 10 open image and video datasets great for use in autonomous vehicle research and development. Blurred bokeh of night city traffic lights. GTI Vehicle Image Database – This dataset includes 3,425 rear-angle images of vehicles on the road, as well as 3,900 images of roads absent of any vehicles. The dataset consists of the following road-agent categories – car, bus, truck, rickshaw, pedestrian, scooter, motorcycle, and other roadagents such as carts and animals. Along with the NEXET dataset, we released a challenge to developers in using this dataset for object detection. A separate data layer stores 'unformed' DCDB centrelines which do not represent navigable roads. This paper used a dataset consisting of 1 million YouTube videos in 487 classes. Traffic Web Cam Images Dataset "Provides images for the City of Ottawa's traffic web cams. Dataset for text in driving videos. Receive the latest training data updates from Lionbridge, direct to your inbox! 2011 10000 . Investing in a large number of disparate re… Data examples are shown above. The videos were captured using both an RGB color camera and an infrared thermal camera. Public Access Level: public Metadata Context: Metadata Catalog ID Aerial View Of Chicago Streets From Elevated Footbridge, Car Passenger View Traveling On The Chicago Streets, Blurred Defocused Lights of Traffic jam in city at night, Ho chi minh city traffic at Intersection , Vietnam, Random cars driving by on a street 4K stock video, Time lapse Singapore City Traffic at night, Timelapse Of Traffic Lights Wongwian Yai, Bangkok, Thailand, Lighting and Traffic at Night in Bangkok, Thailand. Semantic Segmentation for Self Driving Cars – Created as part of the Lyft Udacity Challenge, this dataset includes 5,000 images and corresponding semantic segmentation labels. Long pressing the QR code to follow wechat official account Road Surface Classification This Dataset consists of images captured with a low-cost camera, with scenarios common in emerging countries, containing unpaved roads and potholes. These images are available at sixty second intervals. More Options, and Resources: Image Datasets. Our dataset comprises 1000 video clips of driving without any bias towards text and with annotations for text bounding boxes and transcriptions in every frame. 7. The frame at the 10th second in each video is annotated for image tasks It is important to understand that the problem requires a systemic solution. TME Motorway Dataset – Composed of 28 video clips which amount to 27 minutes of video, this dataset includes over 30,000 frames with vehicle annotation. BIT Vehicle Dataset – From the Beijing Laboratory of Intelligent Information Technology, this dataset includes 9,850 vehicle images. The large-scale Multiview Extended Video with Activities (MEVA) dataset features more than 250 hours of ground camera video, with additional resources such as UAV video, camera models, and a subset of 12.5 hours of annotated data. Traffic light in Wongwian Yai, Bangkok, Thailand, Road Travel Background In The Sunset Loop. This image dataset includes over 14,000 images made up of 7,518 testing images and 7,481 training images with bounding boxes labels in a separate file. Of the 4,800 images, 1,811 are of two-wheeled vehicles and 2,989 are of four-wheeled vehicles.
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