My husband devours these! One of the biggest complaints about eating a low-carb diet is not being able to routinely eat bread, rolls and crackers. I’m really happy they’re working so well for you . Do I use whole or milled flaxseeds? Every time I take these to a gathering there are immediate requests for the recipe and lovely compliments! And they are perfect for low carb dips like Queso Cheese Sauce, Cauliflower Hummus, and Curried Hummus. The C stands for celsius, I wonder if you are using a fahrenheit oven because you mention putting them back in at 300? A couple of sites suggested not to heat them above 150 degrees C. The last time I made these seed crackers, I brought the temperature down to 150, therefore. Wouldn’t have thought that the chia seeds will hold the mixture so well together! It cracked and couldnt get pieces of it… any tips whats went wrong. Combine the almond-hazelnut-pumpkin-seed "flour" with the rest of the ingredients. Thanks for responding Amber! It looked so good, and I scrunched the seed mix up to get it off the paper, so have a slightly papery sprinkle for my salads…. 3 ratings 4.7 out of 5 star rating. Wow! This Easy Keto Seed Crackers Recipe makes crisp, well-seasoned crackers great to serve with veggies, cheese, and hummus. If you're looking for vegan keto snacks or dairy free keto recipes, these keto seed crackers are just perfect for you! I’ve made them countless times and never had that problem. In this keto cracker recipe, I give you the seeds I used to make this specific batch, but you could also use whatever seeds you have on hand (or prefer the taste of best). Thx! These crackers are really good!! Healthy and moreish home made five seed crackers are a tasty snack by themselves or with your favourite dip. Hi Nickie, it’s definitely not a typo. Preheat the oven to 200°C (fan oven). I also like them a bit thicker than yours are because I want to put dips and things on them and don’t want them to break. … Thanks for the recipe . Seed Crackers. Keto diet not required. 5 from 12 votes. It’s also helpful to have a pastry cutter or dough divider. My cheese board is a very simple one. Too thin and the crackers will be very fragile, too thick and they'll be more like a seed cookie than a cracker. Combine the almond flour, ground flax, mixed seeds, garlic powder, mustard powder and salt in a bowl. Trying to figure out what fanbake is…, Hi Helene, I’ve had a few questions about this. Hi Rosa, hmm I’m not sure why you would have that problem sorry. Hiya. Love the combination of seeds. These seed crackers are amazing with an avocado dip,can’t stop eating them!! UNSALTED? Only-Seed Crackers Thanks! Stir until the dough is combined. I am finding these a little addictive. Hi Simone, I’m not sure how much Val used, but I’d suggest trying 1 teaspoon of each , I tried them… they tasted good but I had a problem that it didnt stick together. Hi, will try for sure! Made with four kinds of seeds, they're a crunchy, garlicky, oniony, satisfying snack. . Calories 26 kcal. I seem to make a batch each week, Easy and simple, love it. I liked mixing up the size of the seeds I used to make these and really like the consistency of the cracker. , A friend showed me this recipe a couple of weeks ago, and I’m about to make my 4th batch of em. If you don’t have fanbake, just bake in your oven but be sure to change the trays around during cooking to ensure the crackers cook evenly . Prep Time 5 minutes. Hi Jasia, I’m not sure of the maximum storage time but they will easily keep for 2-3 weeks in an airtight container. Need to add more raw and vegan in my diet. I guess baking paper from different brands and/or different countries may behave differently? Rave reviews on this from the two parties I brought these to. Naturally gluten free and an absolute breeze to prepare. I also appreciate that there’s no egg as I’m allergic. I am wondering if the chia seeds (holding all the other ingredients together) take the place of an oil such as coconut or olive oil…. As you'll see in the video, turning over and cutting up the crackers part way through the baking process, produces the most uniform results. I suggest using the same quantity (1 tbsp). Great recipe and easy to make – Need to remember the cut / score the crackers mid cooking else they are hard to break. Once the cracker mixture has cooled, I just snap them into irregular pieces. Let sit 10 minutes to allow the flax and chia seeds to become somewhat gelatinous. Required fields are marked *. I love them with avocado too! The third batch was perfect – I added a teaspoon of caraway seeds, pepper and some (extra) seasoned salt. To make these, you simply mix the seeds together in a bowl with salt and a few seasonings, stir through some water and let the chia seeds do their thing. They add the “crunch” I miss with grain-free eating…I add garlic powder, salt, and cracked pepper–simple and delicious! My understanding is that a healthy digestive system will tolerate some phytic acid and a varied diet will compensate for the actions of enzyme inhibitors. Hopefully, I’ll get to it soon. 3 ratings 5.0 out of 5 star rating. They crisped up perfectly. While I might not love the busy-ness of this time of the year, I do love that we’re busy because we’re making time to spend with people we love. The water all gets absorbed, turning the chia seeds jelly-ish, which is what binds the cracker mixture together. These are healthy and delicious – highly snackable! The ideal thickness is about 3-4mm. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us. I found the crackers too dry and rubbery the first time around; I ended up cooking them for 1 hour 45 mins. Delicious. If you do like a thicker cracker extend cooking time and turn over half way through cooking time. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Thank you for this wholesom and delicious cracker; a recipe only limited by imagination, providing the quantities are right. To a mixing bowl, add almond flour, chia seeds, and salt. I’ve made these three times now, and I’ve had to tweak the recipe each time to make it work for me. I added dried thyme and chilli flakes for a little extra flavour. So, in summary, you should definitely make these low carb flax seed crackers. You will want to stir them well before letting them soak, this should make something roughly the consistency of pudding. Prep Time 10 mins. I have some in the oven now and I’ve added hemp seeds and some garlic power and dried onion. Thank you . Healthy – easy – yummy… what else?! whole seeds dont have the same benefits, you need to ground the flax seeds to get the health benefits from it. And what is the pink dip mixture? Glad you like them . Let sit for 15 minutes to firm up. However, I doubt if they last a day because I will eat them all up! I don’t know about you, but every year at this time of the year I start to go into free fall. I added caraway seeds (1 tbls) and the flavour is amazing. 1/2 cup chia seeds 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds 1/2 cup hemp hearts 1/4 cup sesame seeds 1 tbs garlic powder 1 tsp smoked … Bake for one hour (switching the trays around halfway through), or until golden brown and crisp. Forgot how I did it though, or I’d share with you. . I’m breathing deep and have my eye on the ball – those glorious post-Christmas days with no commitments that allow for sleep ins, long brunches, trips to the beach, reading, and of course plenty of time to cook and eat great meals. The first batch I didn’t get the shelled pumpkins seeds. I estimated the recipe to make 10 servings and calculated the nutrition information, per serve, based on that. The whole grains that make up this copycat cracker recipe add lots of fiber for a healthy snack that pairs perfectly with hummus or cheese. This bread will not puff up much. 1/2 cup chia seeds Are you making your own seed crackers? I'm sorry, but I don't have physical products available at this time. I also sometimes pop them back in for an extra 5-10 minutes if they’re not crisp enough – I think it really depends on the thickness. Servings 36 crackers. I used grease proof paper with a little sunflower oil but the mixture stuck firmly to the paper. I have used both the Glad Bake and Multix brands of baking paper and both worked perfectly. Place flax seeds in mixing bowl. Especially while eating crackers with homemade hummus!! The basic ingredients in these crispy, flavour packed crackers are a) seeds of your choice b) flour of your choice c) oil d) salt. It’s a hard one to quantify/specify as everyone will make different sized crackers and eat different amounts also. Asking for a friend who’s interested. Love this receipe and they are so easy to make. Next time I make them I am going to add some chopped nori for even more taste (I did not add any herbs or flavours this time). I’ll let you know! Any idea how hemp would fare in the mix? Is this for a convection oven? I shared the recipe with my neighbor, and she recommended breaking them in pieces and then popping them back in the oven if they were not crisp enough. Hi! Set your oven to 260°F and line a cookie sheet with baking paper. (especially the nigella seeds, will have to give that a go). These crispy morsels are flavourful and make an addictive snack even without any toppings! pumpkin seeds. 2 teaspoons fine seeds, eg. Divide the dough in … Prepare a baking tray with baking paper, or silicone sheet and grease with coconut oil. Hi Chrisa, though there is benefit in soaking seeds to reduce phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors, they can still be enjoyed (and be of nutritional benefit) without being soaked. 85g flour. It is not ‘wax paper’. Tips and Tricks for Making These Keto Crackers Come Out Great Cook Time 55 minutes. Roll the cylinder into a sausage shape about a foot long and mark out notches at about 4 inch intervals. One day I will be brave enough to add finely chopped dried cranberries. They can be leavened or unleavened. If they don't feel crisp after an hour, return to the oven for another 5-10 minutes. It is so good to have something crunchy. Crunchy Nut & Seed Keto Bread. Hi Hannah, I’m so glad these worked out for you in the end but I’m also super curious about how they turned out rubbery for you – when I make these they are super crispy and crunchy. Made these today; they’re brill. Thanks for dropping in with a message, it’s lovely to hear . Oh, I’ve made beet hummus from scratch and it’s go good…and pretty! Thanks Bonnie, I find these really filling and satisfying too and love that they so much more nutritious than a typical cracker. Ingredients. In a large bowl add the quinoa, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, salt, pepper, and chia Grab your free printable copy of our homemade seed cracker recipe: Yield: 6 servings Healthy Seed Crackers Recipe. I hope that’s okay. These are absolutely amazing. I find the crackers are perhaps a bit more fragile, but they are crispy and very tasty. I used thyme and cumin. I lined my trays with what we call baking paper here in NZ, which I guess is grease proof paper? Poppy and sesame seed crackers; Poppy and sesame seed crackers. Made with four kinds of seeds, they're a nutritionally-packed crunchy, satisfying snack. Add the almonds, hazelnuts, and pumpkin seeds into a food processor and pulse until they resemble coarse flour. Bake for 20 minutes rather high up in the oven. Dont they need to be soaked overnight?. Whisk together until fully incorporated. Are you using raw seeds? Thank you for asking. Thank you! Also a fun recipe … In a medium bowl, mix together all the ingredients except the flaky salt. Made with four kinds of seeds, they're a crunchy, garlicky, oniony, satisfying snack. These keto seed crackers get the crunch from a mix of seeds like flax seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. I’m glad you enjoyed them . Why would you want to keep them that long, you make them to eat, don’t you. Grab your seeds, mix with water and spices and bake!
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