YUM! Buy Now. Our top pick is a great tasting cookie that you will definitely be glad is part of your diet because it doesn’t taste like it. We get that everyone does keto in their own way. Once you join, you'll be able to save your favorite recipes in your Cookbook and rate posts! You can just grab an individual package and you’ll be ready to go just like that. 3 out of 5 & up & up. Smart Sweets. That means you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pack them to take along with you. “These are fabulous!! Category. The 16 Best Store Bought Keto Snacks Money Can Buy. Site by Buy: Keto Cocoa . Style: Is the product already made for you or do you need to spend a little bit of your own time and effort making it from a mix? Cacao Nibs. Type. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Stock up on some of these keto desserts to buy and you’ll always have something sweet around for when the cravings hit. Search Filters » Sort by Filter by keyword: Macro is % of calories. Comments: This keto cocoa is an easy way to curb sweet cravings and help you stick to a low-carb diet. You can take these with you anywhere and they’re made in the United States, which lets you know you’re getting something quality and standardized. So yummmmy!!! $0 – $15. Price. ChocZero Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Squares, Tom & Jenny’s Sugar-Free Soft Caramel Candy, Kiss My Keto Low Carb Keto Dark Chocolate, ultra low-carb Cinnamon Almond Crunch Granola, Check out 12 of the best keto desserts to buy, Amazon’s 10 Best-Selling Keto Grocery Items of the Week. It’s also full of MCT’s from coconut oil which will help your body to stay in ketosis and burn off fat. Keto candy uses sugar substitutes like allulose, stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit to deliver the sweetness and flavor you love without sacrificing your ketosis. On top of that, it’s completely gluten free, made with unsweetened keto friendly chocolate, peanuts, sea salt and cocoa butter. The white chocolate peanut butter cups are my personal favorite and they are to die for, but you won’t be disappointed by the dark or milk chocolate selections either. There are actually plenty of keto sweets out there that you can choose from and, to make things easier on you, we’ve done most of the work. These low carb, high protein treats are perfect for keto & health conscious people. However, we still think these are better options than all the sugar-filled candies available. When you make up your next batch of pancakes you’re going to want something super sweet to put on top of them and this syrup is going to do it. You can’t have Reese’s peanut butter cups, but this keto candy is the next best thing! This chocolate is made in the united states, antioxidant rich and 70% cocoa, which means you’re also getting some great health benefits while you eat it. Reset. Also, the way they ship these is so careful and they arrive in perfect shape in their own reusable insulated bag. Posted by. This protein bark has absolutely no added sugar and has only 1 net carb per serving. Comments Off on 15 Keto Desserts You Can Buy – Best Store Bought Keto Desserts To Try; Store bought keto desserts are the perfect quick snack for people with a sweet tooth. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. Low Carb Smart Sweets That's Keto-Friendly. Our stevia sweetened gummies are gluten free with no sugar alcohols or anything artificial! Archived. You can always trust the clean keto ingredients in Lakanto’s low-carb offerings. Buy Now. “For anyone who is diabetic, ketogenic, or just wants a low sugar alternative treat, look no further! 2 out of 5 & up & up. Low Carb Emporium TM offers a wide range of keto-friendly sweet snacks such as keto bars, keto chocolates and keto choc chips. If you don’t have a specialty health food grocery store in your area, the BEST places to find keto desserts to buy are online from either: Amazon – Here’s a 30 day Amazon Prime trial if you haven’t tried Prime before We’ve found a few great options that will help you appease your sweet tooth and still stick with your diet at the same time. You’ll have a great mix of sweet and salty treats that you can enjoy while you’re sitting around the house or heading out on the go. So if you’re on just about any diet you’ll be able to enjoy this sweet treat. They’re definitely a great benefit for you and they’re going to make it a whole lot easier for you to follow along with your diet. Made in the United States, these sweet keto snacks have a resealable bag that makes it easier for you to carry it around and keep everything fresh, even after you’ve opened it up. First off, this keto candy is delicious and tastes just like the real thing. Made with almonds, walnuts, coconut and cherry with honey, vanilla and coconut oil, the ingredients here are healthy and whole. You’ll have no MSG, no high fructose corn syrup and nothing artificial. Highly recommend these for anyone who is looking for a low carb dessert.” – Amazon reviewer. I think I like the white chocolate best. If you’ve been depriving yourself of the classic fruity candy, you don’t have to any more thanks to SmartSweets low-sugar alternative. Is it pudding, cookies, candy or something else? But that doesn’t stop people from trying. They’re designed to give you plenty of sweetness and help you stay in ketosis at the same time. You’ll get some great sweetness even still because it uses monk fruit and you’ll have plenty of fiber while you’re at it too. In-store at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts*, Publix, Kroger, Safeway, and other retail stores listed. Some people say it tastes too sweet, and some people like it best when mixed with a splash of heavy cream. Per 1 bag; Calories Fat Net Carbs Protein; 152: 0g: 9g: 5g: Shop; View More; Smart Sweets Sour Gummy Bears. Sweetened with stevia, these candy peach rings are a perfect low-glycemic movie theater candy to replace your Sour Patch Watermelons or Gummy Bears. by Urvashi Pitre | Mar 5, 2019. We’ve innovated the first delicious candy without the sugar. You’ll have 2 different versions, both a cinnamon and a brownie crisp packet that are in individual portion sizes. You’ll get 12 servings of bark in each package and you’ll have monk fruit sweetener, which helps you get the flavor you want without having to worry about the negative effects of artificial or added sweetener. This coconutter is a great snack that you can use on keto friendly crackers or bread or you can even eat just plain. All of this means that it’s going to help you stay healthier and keep eating clean. This chocolate chip cookie is low carb and sugar free and you get 2 great cookies in each package, with 6 servings in each case. Ever look at a recipe and feel overwhelmed by the long list of things you need to buy? It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and it doesn’t taste artificial like other packaged keto snacks. One bar will be 3-4 servings for me because the taste is so good and they seem to fill me up. 🙌 With just 2 net carbs per serving, you won’t feel guilty indulging in these tasty treats. We’ve found a few great options that will help you appease your sweet tooth and still stick with your diet at the same time. Because they have 4 times as much fat as carbs, you’re going to stay right in ketosis, where you want to be, and you’ll love the fact that these cookies are made with ingredients like coconut flour, almond flour and grass fed butter. In a hurry? If you're trying to live a Keto lifestyle you are probably mostly concerned with keeping the carb count down. Technically, nut butter isn’t keto candy, but it definitely tastes like a delicious treat and satisfies those sweet-tooth cravings! Sweet keto snacks. (You might not even be able to tell they're not the real thing). Each bar is individually packaged, which means you’ll have something super easy to take along with you wherever you want to go. This low-calorie treat is sure to please, and it's full of protein and fiber for a great tasting treat that's smart. Package Size: How much are you getting in a single package? The Rum flavor is subtle, no after taste from the sugar-free sweetener which is a big plus. Hip2Keto® is a registered trademark of Hip Happenings, LLC. It's the kind of delicious chocolate that you crave. PSA; just say no these keto-friendly “smart sweets” I will admit, I was pretty excited that the movie theater snack bar tonight actually had an item that I could eat on keto! Sort by Sort by Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to old Netrition. They’re also just plain going to taste good, which is always an important aspect. We’ve given these tasty treats a try before and found them totally crave-worthy! Include out of stock. Definitely one of the better keto candy options & worth trying out. Don't Miss Out! HighKey Chocolate Chip Cookies (3-pack), $13.97 from Amazon. I always carry a couple of ChocZero keto bark packs in my purse and have a few stashed away in the refrigerator for a decadent after-dinner treat.” – Ashley, Hip Sidekick. Read our full disclosure policy here. Join our large community of Insiders - it's totally free! Smart Sweets Fruity Gummy Bears. Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. This keto granola tastes like sweet cherries but without the added sweeteners and carbs that you’re trying to avoid. They are low carb as well as gluten free, vegan and kosher. I love these peanut butter cups so much that it is hard not to overindulge. Keto allows fewer carbs than any other diet, and it’s nearly impossible to make a keto-friendly candy that doesn’t raise your blood sugar. It’s rumored to taste just like a chocolate turtle candy bar but without all the sugar. No one wants to give up sweets just because they went on a diet and with the keto diet, you don’t have to. Non-GMO: Once again, we’re looking at a personal preference decision. More Filters. Smart Baking Company's Smartcakes® & Smartbuns® are gluten free, sugar free. homemade keto snacks with 5 ingredients or less 5. the ultimate keto friendly, healthy snack list & ideas 6. best low carb keto sweet snacks 7. gluten free healthy camping snacks 8. healthy movie night snacks to make at home & ideas 9. keto snacks to buy at target 10. keto snacks to buy at whole foods 11. keto snack list & ideas Our pinky promise to you is candy free from sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and added sugars. All Rights Reserved.GeekWrapped® is a registered trademark of West Winds LLC. With only 1 net carb per serving it’s a great choice for those on keto or other low carb diets. You’ll be able to get plenty of flavor. Keto Fat Bombs, Sweets & Treats: Over 100 Recipes and Ideas for Low-Carb Breads, Cakes, Cookies and More. It’s hard to believe this Keto Chocolate Bark is so low-carb because it tastes just like a high-quality regular chocolate bar. PSA; just say no these keto-friendly “smart sweets” Close. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Can’t get enough sweets? In addition to enjoying these right out of the pouch, you can also use them to make keto nut butter coffee creamer! Even if you’ve embraced the keto lifestyle, it’s 100% normal and okay to sometimes want a sweet treat or dessert. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. As featured in. By using this site, you are agreeing to the site's terms of use. This is going to affect the specific value of the product that you get and it’s going to help you figure out if it’s worth what you’re going to spend for it. Each pack of SmartSweets gummy bears (available in Sour or Fruity) is big on taste. Yes, you … Naturally sweetened, you’re getting less than 1 gram of sugar in a single serving. It’s completely natural, gluten free and vegan, which means you can feel great about eating it and serving it to anyone in your family. 10 Best Movie Night Keto Snacks to Enjoy! $14.99 $ 14. There’s no soy included either and the roasted almonds are a great way to get just the right amount of texture and the added flavor at the same time. The peanut butter flavor is very prominent, but it’s not overwhelming and there’s no weird aftertaste like other protein bars sometimes have. Hip2Keto may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Sweetened with stevia, these candy peach rings are a perfect low-glycemic movie theater candy to replace your Sour Patch Watermelons or Gummy Bears … Keep in mind that some of the sugar alternatives used in these candies may knock you out of ketosis. All trademarks, copyrights, and other rights are the property of their respective owners. (50g)At SmartSweets they’ve innovated the first candy that kicks sugar—naturally with Smart Sweets Naturally Sweet Gummy Bears Fruity. You’ll have 12 in each package, which means you have plenty of snacks to get you through for a while. Their erythritol and monk fruit sweetener blend is probably the closest thing to what real sugar tastes like and they don’t mess around with their flavors. I’d eat this even if I wasn’t doing keto!” – Amazon reviewer. I started out with the variety pack which I ordered directly from their website. On top of that you get several pieces in a single serving, so you’ll get your sweet fix. Completely gluten free, these fit right into your paleo and keto lifestyle. There’s no GMO’s, no additives and no fillers in this product either, which is great for helping you lose a little bit of weight. Also, note that excessive consumption of select artificial sweeteners with sugar alcohols may have a laxative effect (i.e. The Pecan Clusters are my family’s favorite with the soft and chewy caramel center coated in milk chocolate and pecans.“ – Amazon reviewer. Advertisement (Close Ad) Read More. This USDA certified organic product is going to top off your favorite oatmeal or waffles (or any other keto approved foods) as well. If you want to read more about how various sweeteners can affect your Glycemic Index, check out this helpful post on sweeteners that won’t elevate blood sugar levels! Made with only a few ingredients you get the flavor of each one of them. Keto desserts. Holy moly, these are out-of-this-world delicious! I’m on a keto diet and these help on those days of the month without the guilt!!! Here are the best products at a glance. In fact, there are only 7 different ingredients included. If you haven’t heard of Lily’s, your taste buds are seriously missing out. Paleo Friendly: Maybe you want to also choose food that’s going to fit your paleo diet, even as you’re working on something that will support the keto diet. Because these are low carb, they’re great for your diet and they’re low calorie as well. Whether you're a foodie, fitness lover, healthy eater or just a plain old chocoholic like us, Lily's is the better-for-you chocolate we know you'll love. If you need something while you’re on the go you’ll be able to open up one of these packets and get going. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on SMS (Opens in new window). Dessert is my favorite meal of the day. Smart Sweets - Naturally Sweet Gummy Bears Fruity - 1.8 oz. Made entirely in the United States, they’re free of all the junk and processed ingredients your body doesn’t need. With plenty of great nutrients included, you’re going to have just the right ingredients throughout. But most of the total carbs are actually from the prebiotic soluble fiber that give these candies their texture. Trew Knowledge. Every ingredient SmartSweets uses is non-GMO, always real and never artificial. only eligible items. You may want to have non-GMO snacks or this may be something that doesn’t bother you too much. Calling all peanut butter fanatics! All the flavors are great, but my absolute favorite is the pumpkin sea salt. 2 years ago. We’ve raved about these in their own product review because they’re seriously THAT good. The ooey-gooey caramel mixed with the chopped pecans creates the most amazing texture, making these keto sweet treats a keto-ers dream! The keto-friendly, no sugar added sweets made for chocolate lovers everywhere. Macro is no more than g. Apply. It’s completely sugar free and organic, which means you’re going to have great maple flavoring and you’re going to have a keto friendly product. You’ll be able to use this as a part of your new favorite snack or your dessert because it’s also low in calories as well as being low in carbs, sugar and sodium. Gummy Candy. It’s paleo and keto friendly, which helps you stay closer to your diet and it’s completely grain free, oat free, rice syrup free, filler free, dairy free, soy free and refined sugar free. Find SmartSweets at over 8,000 locations across the United States! The organic and grain free mix contains raw mixed nuts, seeds, raisins, dairy free chocolate and dried cherries. At first glance, SmartSweets candies still look high on the carbs. We’re sharing 13 keto candy alternatives that will let you splurge without the guilt. Close. This sweet and bitter keto candy bark has dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt. ChocoRite has made a delicious substitute. Our Hip2Keto team loves them! Many of these awesome keto treats are available at your local gas station, grocery store or supermarket, but it will be cheaper to order them bulk from online. Required fields are marked *, © 2011 - 2020 All rights reserved. Ingredients (based on Almond flavor): Dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter), soluble corn fiber, almonds, sea salt, sunflower lecithin, monk fruit extract, Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans. Finally candy you can feel good about! Registered United States Patent and Trademark Office‍GeekWrapped is not affiliated, associated, authorized by, endorsed by, or in any way connected to the brands and companies mentioned on this website. Trusted by millions of readers. Now for the good stuff! Gluten Free: Getting rid of gluten in your diet may be something you’re doing by personal choice or it may be something that you’re doing because of health conditions or maybe it’s not something you’re worried about at all. “I’m in so much trouble! Monk fruit is one of our favorite keto sweeteners and we love the flavor that it gives this satisfyingly delicious low-carb chocolate. That means you can easily take them along with you wherever you want to go. These are a great treat and one of the best ketogenic sweets, even for smaller children who are going to love the sweetness and not even notice that these treats are high in things that they need in order to be even healthier. SWEET LOGIC Keto Dessert Mug Cake Mixes - Sugar Free Gluten Free Keto Snack - 4 Keto Mug Cake Mixes - Variety Pack - Diabetic Friendly Keto Sweets and Treats. “One of the best parts about this keto-friendly treat is the absence of any strange aftertaste that can come with lots of sugar-free desserts. Sweet Type: What sort of sweet are you actually getting? Guest Rating. And all the cheese! Try one of these keto desserts you can buy today and never again feel the need to reach for a sugar and carb filled treat again! Which way you want to go is going to be entirely up to your own personal preference. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; 0 Items. sorbitol, xylitol, mannitol, erythritol, & maltitol). They’re a great on-the-go snack when you need a little protein boost, and they also make the perfect chocolatey topping for keto ice cream. They’re a little more reminiscent of a Butterfinger but as you can see pictured below, ChocoRite was quite generous with the peanut butter filling. These crisps come in a variety of flavors, and actually, you’re getting a variety pack with this set. Just be careful not to eat too many as each bag contains a hefty amount of fiber! What are ya waiting for?! Sweet Fish --+ Sour Blast Buddies --+ Sour Gummy Bears --+ Fruity Gummy Bears --+ Save. Yum! HighKey. Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. You’re also getting plenty of organic prebiotic fiber and that helps you get a great paleo or keto friendly product. Good news: You can have cookies! Your email address will not be published. Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission. High-carb sweets like Champagne gummy bears are definitely off-limits when following the keto diet—but that doesn't mean you have to skip candy entirely. Where to buy: Amazon. Collin’s favorite is the Salted Almond and Milk Chocolate variety. Just five net grams per serving and no corn syrup. In any case, people on a keto/low carb diet who crave sweets and have portion control will do just fine eating 2-3 of these a day EVEN IF you count every sugar alcohol as a carb (25g/5 pieces = only 5g carbs per piece). SHOP; Guarantee; Store Locator; Subscriptions; Reviews; LOGIN. Plus, it has MCT’s built right in. Here’s a simple snack that satisfies any crunchy cravings you might get on the keto diet. “Wow – this stuff is so good, I can’t believe it’s keto! Made entirely in the United States, this bark is also available in dark coconut and dark hazelnut, so you get a flavor you’ll love. The sweet and salty chocolate coconut flavor is to die for! 5 out of 5 . Don’t let the “protein bar” name fool you because each bite makes you feel like you’re eating a real candy bar. Let's dive in. Everyone needs a little chocolate in their life and eating low-carb doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Cookies are one of the … FPO/APO. Learn about Eat Smart Sweets and their ingredients, what happens when you eat them on keto… The gluten-free keto Smartbun® is unlike any other bun on … Be careful with this keto candy because it’s dangerously delicious! Keto travel snacks. With the right amount of fats and protein, you’re even getting iron included. These dark chocolate bars come in quite a few appetizing flavors and they’re all 100% sugar-free, making them the best keto candy alternative! It’s 100% stone ground and has no sugar, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. You want to know, right, because you’re probably looking for a specific type of sweet treat to spoil yourself. No. Chewy Candy. No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Your email address will not be published. Since we do not metabolize fiber you can subtract that from the total carbs. But you’re definitely going to notice that it’s a filling and long lasting snack. With only 70 calories in each serving, these crackers also have no GMO’s, wheat, dairy, casein, rice or hydrogenated oils. “Great taste without the guilt. Samantha Dewitt is a lead researcher and writer for GeekWrapped, writing under a pen name. Made with real ingredients that kick sugar. Your diet is going to help your health improve and it’s going to feel more full while still being totally vegan. With a zip top you can even seal up the bag again and you’ll be able to keep the crackers fresh for a week or more. Jul 20, 2020 Alyssa Gray . Their Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Squares are creamy, rich, and ideal for anyone with dairy allergies or erythritol sensitivities. See Terms of Service for DMCA notices. SMARTCLUB; Select Page. 407-993-6300. We also love these decadent candies in our keto peanut butter cup cookie recipe! It’s actually all natural and non GMO, which can make you feel a whole lot better about eating it. With that said, the low-carb candy options below are just suggestions and we encourage you to do what works best for you! By Sarah Weinberg. Make sure you know what you’re getting and you take a look at each of our favorite keto friendly snacks and sweets right here. 10. 😋 I have to hide these from myself because I’m THAT addicted! Check out 12 of the best keto desserts to buy! Chewy Candy. All you taste is the richness of the chocolate and the nuttiness of the crunchy bits throughout. There are no preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors, but there is just the right amount of everything else. Here are 13 keto candy alternatives we love: What would we do without ChocZero?! Grocery. … LAST CHANCE Save 15% on orders $30+ for Cyber Monday with code BLACKFRIDAY Shop › New. F/47/5'7" - SW: 185 - CW: 142 - GW: 140. And jerky! Gummy Candy. Shipping. The taste is just like caramel, they are sweet and chewy! Make sure you consult your diet too. As far as keto… is Maltitol the best sugar alcohol? We’ve innovated the first delicious candy without the sugar. Our budget option is a super sweet dark keto chocolate that’s got just the right amount of bitter notes. They are pricey but worth it if you are trying to kick sugar.” – Amazon reviewer. All of that together creates a sweet and slightly bitter dark chocolate peanut bark.
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