Others are trying to make it over the bridge and past the troll. Blue Butterfly. Necklace I am a bird, I am a fruit and I am a person. What am I? Icicle Questions and Animals for kids about animals, Listen to the real animal voice and guess the answers for these riddles with 6 year old Ozzie Michael 1. Library What bird am I? Bones Pizza I have numbers on my face but can't find 13 any place. Snail But it is not a hawk Category: Animal Riddles, Hard Riddles Topics: Horse, Rope. Chicken Riddles For Kids. I’m bigger than a cow, can peel my own bananas, and don’t eat meat. 20.) Asia ANSWER: The Peregrine falcon. Eye Patch What animal am I?ANSWER: A hippopotamus. China So, only your two legs and the four legs of the bed are touching the floor Because of that, the correct answer is 6. Save. Three colorful birds, one tropical. Animals are broken down into six basic categories: invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Kids will delight in the relatively easy to solve trick questions, and bird enthusiasts will enjoy the more challenging zoology riddles. Polar Bear Edit. Knock Knock Jokes. Lighthouse Tomato A zebra. See if you can beat ’em! Fan Riddles about Animals and Birds. Stapler Rhyming What animal am I? Most of my kin are about 15.2 hands tall or 5 feet, 2 inches. Click on the animals listed below to go to each page in whatever order you like and return to this list for the next animal or simply use the green button at right to follow a set sequence. Living Room Sunflower Shamrock Green Animal Classification ... 57% average accuracy. Japan Rhinoceros What animal am I?ANSWER: The grizzly bear. In both history and fiction, riddles seem to be quite a dramatic question. 2 months ago. Chicken Riddles For Kids. Rooms Ghost You will find simpler guessing games, and other more difficult riddles about animals, whether because they are not as well known, or because you did not know about some of their characteristics or peculiarities. It is time for Thanksgiving The world’s weirdest animals live on islands. Tortilla Plus when it’s alive For Little Friends. Kiwi Fruit 15.) Riddles about Animals (reading, explanation, guess) This video is about: Riddles about Animals(reading /explanation/guess). //
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