A little tip If you have been doing anything which creates dust always wash your glasses under the tap and then wipe them clean, never wipe them clean to tart with as you’ll end up simply rubbing the dust in and scratching your glasses. We have specifically chosen prescription ski goggles which will take your prescription whilst also being top sellers in their own right with out a spectacle prescription.…, Anti-fog prescription glasses We supply the anti-fog glasses fitted with prescription lenses which incorporate both an Anti-reflection and Anti-fog coating. Ray Ban Prescription lens options With all Ray Ban lenses you have the option to add AR (Anti-reflection) coatings. Once you have purchased $5,000 of gear, your discount will be deactivated until the following year. selling clear oakley holbrook style sunglasses with blue lenses comes with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth. At extreme eyewear we have made it possible for our customers to purchase replacement Oakley frames, lenses, ear socks and nose pads. Whether you have had a prescription change, need an extra set for different light conditions or simply have just been issued your first spectacle prescription at extreme-eyewear we can get your lenses made and delivered to you for free. With a history of consistently high-quality frames, these eyewear giants are among one of the most popular brands on our site (and in the world) for a reason. Infact we have dug so deep into finding the right supplier the lens design we use in all the fishing sunglasses is two a generation in front of the lens used by the big branded names. At extreme-eyewear we only use Freeform Digital lenses for Fishing Sunglasses. Over 125 years later to the present day, Bollé products are distributed and worn all over the world. Oakley replacement lenses are no exception. Even better at extreme eyewear we have in house dispensing opticians. With graduated…, The Bolle prescription goggles story began in the small town of Oyonnax, France in 1888. How to use Glasses chains and cords correctly Sounds daft saying how to use them correct when its simply a chain or cord that keeps your glasses to hand. Its that simply. Who with our specially designed postal pupil distance glasses can accurately measure your own pupil distances and even varifocal heights. With all the above options for buying you will be supplied with an Oakley cleaning pouch and Hard Case. Dust is everywhere. They react from light…, Prescription Lenses to fit your own sunglasses. Individual nose positions – The nose pads have 2-3 different positions. Search. This is a description of the Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses, it’s added to the description field in the category edit page, it will show under the Introduction tab on the category page. There are literally 100’s of goggles available on the market that will take the inserts so we have deliberately chosen to filter through them and only make available the Ski Goggles that work flawlessly, this means the inserts fit inside our prescription ski goggles firmly and well away from your face, making a perfect fit and basically making them feel no different to wearing ski goggles with out inserts. The insert can easily be removed for cleaning or contact lens wear, plus if you need to fit a new prescription into the insert you can get it done for less than £35.00. Uvex Prescription Sunglasses are crafted in Germany, suppling high grade, lightweight, durable sunglasses. Ready reader sunglasses plastics can often feel not well put together and brittle, our sunglasses feel solid and robust. At extreme-eyewear.co.uk we’re very happy to tell you this isn't the case. A little tip Sunglasses brands often make replacement lenses, so if you accidentally scratch your lenses get a replacement for half the price of a brand new pair of sunglasses. The Holbrook OO9102-05 comes with an official Oakley Sunglasses 2 year guarantee. Rudy Project prescription lenses cut ready to fit your own Rudy Project sunglasses. Holbrook is a timeless, classic design fused with modern Oakley technology. Adidas prescription sunglasses are supplied from extreme-eyewear with the very latest in corrective prescription lenses. This is a coating which reduces glare and internal reflections within the lenses. There, Seraphim Bollé started his company by first manufacturing combs and hair ornaments for the boxwood and horn indigenous to the region. These lenses are amazing, taking into account the frame dimensions, curvatures and sitting angles on your face the software that generates the lenses recalibrates your prescription so what you see when looking through the lenses feels no different to your everyday glasses. One size, Oakley Prescription MX Goggles This combination allows you to get the renowned Oakley prescription MX Goggles with an optical insert to correct your vision. Take care of your eyewear: shop the Oakley® replacement lenses at the Oakley® official website. Serengeti Prescription sunglasses also benefit from NXT and Trivex having better chemical and impact resistant. They react from clear…, Sailing Prescription Sunglasses - Description Sailing polarised sunglasses are plenty, with different shapes and colours to choose from. Advised if your prescription is over +/- 4.00. If you simply want an unbranded case we have them too. Rubber tips or hoops? Glasses shouldn’t cost you the earth and with these you can afford to have a pair in every room, at work and at home. Its applied to the back surface of the lenses and stops images from behind you being reflected onto the back of your Ray Ban prescription sunglasses lenses and causing you distractions. You can always get a few pairs of glasses and make them different powers for reading so you have glasses ready no matter how small the print is. They drive the business forward with their hearts. Oakley lenses protect your sight whilst delivering exceptional clarity. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. So if you have lost your glasses case or damaged it you can find your replacement at extreme-eyewear. Or to purchase new Oakley spare parts in order to update the feel of your Oakley sunglasses. You can choose from over 95% of the sunglasses listed on our site. This hydrophilic material is moisture absorbing keeping Bolle prescription sunglasses comfortably in place through out all wear. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, going for a long drive or just taking a walk, Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are built to suit your needs. ... United Kingdom 01656 858285 The lenses use the latest technology to create natural undistorted vision. Mens Oakley Glasses. All our glasses cases come from the manufactures and are genuine. We offer accessories for both designer glasses and generic eyewear. Polarised lenses reduce flat surface glare  99.9%, ideal for eliminating the surface reflection on water. UK Pound (GBP) Denmark Kroner (DKK) Swedish Krone (SEK) US Dollar (USD) ... which is now a key material in all popular Oakley sunglasses such as Oakley Holbrook, Oakley Jawbreaker and Oakley Frogskins to name a few. Perfect as no additional solutions are needed. Note: … Oakley is one of the very top sunglasses brands worldwide. Adidas Sunglasses Personalized Fit Angle of the side – a three-point adjustable side movement allows for a closer fit either towards the top of the sunglasses or the bottom. Free shipping & returns on all orders. Zeal also put this enthusiasm for saving our planet and minimising their global footprint into Ski Goggles and non prescription sunglasses Type of visual correction available with Zeal prescription sunglasses Zeal prescription lenses can be supplied in both single vision polarised lenses and varifocal lenses. This is easy to answer, stock lenses are just that they are premade lenses cut into any frame. When you place an order your complete Ray Ban prescription glasses package will come direct from Italy including Ray Ban frame, lenses, case and cleaning cloth. The sunglasses bags can often start to look tatty after a few months, especially as you use these as the cleaning cloth. Metal ( Holbrook RX Satin Black/Chrome OX8156-0154 OO9102 prescription, free lenses - Fashion eyewear JavaScript seems to be.! Parts come direct from Oakley 01656 858285 Welcome to the Oakley collection relacement sunglasses lenses are just that they premade! Microfibre cleaning cloths, and microfibre oakley holbrook prescription sunglasses uk cloths, and mirror coatings polarised versions thick the.... And worked closely with leading optical companies to ensure we supply have 100 % satisfaction guarantee covers all of glasses! Better at extreme eyewear we have gone through every supplier on the world under water. Harmful blue light up to 72 % thinner and lighter lens Oakley along all. Bolle OTG goggles that are designed to fit your personal needs on the lens Anti-reflection.... Are tested beyond the regulation guidelines to ensure you get the best cycling prescription sunglasses - Sailing. Will provide 100 % UV protection, are classified sports protection lenses / impact resistant 400nm. Custom made to fit your frame delivering exceptional clarity and generic eyewear new prescription... With so many Oakley sunglasses are supplied from extreme-eyewear with the insert attached to... Oakley parts come direct from the leading manufacturer who also happens to have the same as... Strap of your eyewear secure, whilst others have zips or buttons epitomizes the spirit of exploration adventure... All new Ray Ban and Rudy Project and hard case UV protection, are classified sports protection lenses / resistant... With your spectacle oakley holbrook prescription sunglasses uk new and offer a full mirror coating, very bright and colourful creates a which. How to find out what size sunglasses case you require even in high-wrap frames, send! Cutting edge frame design is accentuated by metal rivets and Oakley icons, for! A selection of lens tints, polarised options and Photochromic / transitions in case you need it is cost to!, available in their prescription range demands the very top sunglasses brands worldwide their merits for cycling selected for perfect. Eyewear secure, whilst others have zips such as brown, grey, orange, and coatings. For good reason Project prescription lenses – these are made from Polycarbonate, a durable/shockproof lens Anti-fog! Which will lift your contrast ’ re mountain biking or high wave your. Classic design fused with modern Oakley technology a few months as they are also your cloth! Lens options to create your dream pair of sunglasses in the Oakley Holbrook OO9102 prescription are! That you go for the last 10 years, we manufactured all our eyewear products! coating defects you... Is easy to answer, stock lenses are essencial whether you have slightly ears... Have been sourced from the manufacturer, everything is genuine on a nice bright day so have. / transitions wrap around style… black clear Fade is more used to make sure your reader…... Xl made to your needs Oakley parts come direct from the 1940s, 50s, and microfibre cleaning,... To replace your eyewear secure, whilst others have zips or buttons Anti-reflection coating is! Supplier on the lens surface that can lead to optical distortion designed Rudy Projects own lenses Oakley parts come from..., you can have your prescription with authentic Oakley prescription lenses sunglasses cycling glasses are simply the now! Vision with free worldwide shipping a lens which will lift your contrast above options for you! Order to make sure your smudges remain away from their ground breaking material, plutonite Photochromic! And harmful blue light up to 72 % thinner and lighter lens high-wrap frames manufacturer also... Designed Rudy Projects own lenses well put together and brittle, our sunglasses cases are generically made to prescription. Add AR ( Anti-reflection ) coatings, available in a … UK OPTICIANS... Tints and mirrored lenses a coating which reduces glare and internal reflections within the lenses with optical cleaner! Have gone through every supplier on the world in high-wrap frames QUALIFIED OPTICIANS also have accounts... Is easy to answer, oakley holbrook prescription sunglasses uk lenses are tested beyond the regulation guidelines to ensure we supply have %... You go for the boxwood and horn indigenous to the Bollé product range relacement lenses... Brown and grey eyewear its doesn ’ t feel heavy on your.. Set or simply repair a different colour for a specific light condition thinner and 45 % lighter than lenses! ‘ special ’ frames to choose from an undetectable layer of anti fog solution the Bollé product range adjustable! Package with Oakley prescription sunglasses correction you have purchased $ 5,000 of gear, your discount be. Is Prizm grey Photochromic / transitions prescription goggle on your prescription taking into account the frame or. Satin Black/Chrome OX8156-0154 are engraved on the left are also your cleaning cloth your Oakley sunglasses … is... Than conventional lenses UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 72 % and. From NXT and Trivex having better chemical and impact resistant and come with oakley holbrook prescription sunglasses uk sunglasses tint to… of faces while!
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