I mentioned in my first post that I also co-founded a nonprofit art service organization, the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN). When you walk into a museum, it seems like everything flows together. An Art Curator is responsible for implementing and managing art exhibitions and collections, typically at museums, by collecting, organizing, evaluating and cataloging arts, collectibles and historical items. Content curation and the figure of the Content Curator are gaining more relevance every day in a digital world as overloaded with information as the current one.. What Does A Content Curator Do? Most likely not. Art is an important part of human history and expression, and an art curator helps bring works of art to the public eye. Curators also work with corporate and private collections. Great question! Art curators are responsible for acquiring, displaying and storing works of art or conducting collection transactions at museums. A curator collects, cares for, researches, and interprets a collection, and organizes displays and exhibitions. Prior to working in Nottingham, Rob was curator at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. What does a content curator do? You could start work as an assistant curator, conservator or education manager before becoming a curator. A curator generally needs … On a daily basis, Curators train and supervise curatorial, fiscal, technical, research, and clerical staff, as well as volunteers or interns. They also must do appraisals and keep cataloging records. Every artist on Saatchi Art is considered by our team of curators for recommendations to clients through our Art Advisory service. Like I said, every curator is different, but every professional curator wants to work with artists that act like professionals. Many people think of curators in connection with art museums and galleries, but they may work in institutions like libraries, historical societies, and universities. To do this job you would usually need a degree in a relevant subject, such as art or art history. To work in these areas, you would usually need a degree in a relevant subject, such as art or art history. They plan and organize the acquisition, storage, and exhibition of collections and related materials, including the selection of exhibition themes and designs, and develop or install exhibit materials.. Rob Blackson is curator of public programmes at contemporary art centre Nottingham Contemporary. The job of an art curator is a mysterious one, but it boils down to a few key things: To strategically acquire, research, and interpret artwork in a collection. Curators at science museums must have had some scientific training. What Does an Art Curator Do? They may perform research projects or put on public service events, like exhibits and tours, for museums or institutions. Curators at history museums must be historians. But all types of curation share … Curators at art museums must be experts in art, art history, and art authentication and conservation.
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